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Shenyang Haoheng Food Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (formerly Shenyang Haiheng Food Machinery Factory)
Main products:
Fumigation oven, smoking oven, roast chicken oven, duck oven, rolling machine, chopper, sausage machine, stuffing mixer, meat grinder, cooking pot, saltwater injection machine, vacuum rolling machine, vacuum stuffing mixer, vacuum chopper, vacuum quantitative enema machine, ice packer, beater, dough machine, electric cooker, smoke box, electric roasting Furnace, electric frying pan, electric oven, trailer, truck, air dryer, cleaning machine, hydraulic bone splitter, etc.
Company profile:
Shenyang Haoheng Food Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (formerly Shenyang Haiheng Food Machinery Factory) is a professional manufacturer of meat food processing machinery and equipment. It is an experienced old factory integrating mechanical design, manufacturing and maintenance. Products have now developed into ten series, more than 20 varieties. Our factory has strong technical force in meat food processing machinery, and has a large number of skilled technical workers, who are eager to meet the usersneeds and want their thoughts, and can solve the practical problems encountered in production for users in a timely manner. For more than 20 years, we have developed a series of large, medium and small equipments suitable for meat products processing. Electric heating fumigation oven is a new product developed in 2004. The inner and outer walls of the furnace are all made of high quality stainless steel, which ensures that meat products are pollution-free and beautiful in appearance, and meets the requirements of national food hygiene. In 2009, the company successfully developed a full-automatic cold fumigation oven, which is especially suitable for seafood processing that requires fresh-keeping. The meat products processing equipment produced by our factory include smoking oven, rolling kneading machine, chopper, sausage machine, filling machine, meat mincer, cooking pot, saltwater injection machine, vacuum rolling kneading machine, vacuum filling mixer, vacuum chopper. Borneol machine, wire binding machine, punching machine, beater, dough mixer, electric cooker, smoke oven, electric oven, electric frying pan, electric fumigation oven, electric oven, trailer, truck, air dryer, cleaning machine, hydraulic bone splitter, etc. The equipment has been sold to Yunnan, Guangxi, Shaanxi, Shanxi, Henan, Hebei, Anhui, Beijing, China. Shanghai, Shandong, Heilongjiang, Jilin, Tianjin, Liaoning and other more than 20 provinces and cities, well received by the majority of users. Our company takes high quality products, low price, exquisite technology and good service as the development purpose of the enterprise, and wholeheartedly serves the vast number of users.
Tel: 138045147 024-31819039
Address: Langweipao Village, Xinglong Town, Xinmin City, Shenyang City
Zip code: 110000

地址:沈阳市新民市兴隆镇狼尾泡村  电话:售前:13804045147 售后:024-31819039  手机:售前:13804045147

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